The Workshops

Gun Building
We offer the true classic styling of a ‘Best London’ gun with every variation you could desire. You may choose a round or a standard action, single or double trigger, standard or spring assisted opening, top or side lever opening, side by side or over and under shotguns in every calibre.

Big game side by side rifles in all calibres, with any style of engraving from classic or deep scroll to game scene are available. The finish on the action can be colour hardened or brush white. You also have a choice of wood from our stock of fine walnut blanks.

A Heritage of Craftsmanship
Tradition plays a significant part in the building of a true ‘Best’ gun. Atkin Grant & Lang has continued uninterrupted since Joseph Lang first set up business in 1821, to use craftsmen of unrivalled reputation. We are pleased to say that this is still true today, with each of our skilled craftsmen having significant reputations within the London Gun Trade for their skills and ability to build guns in the traditional manner.

We are always pleased to show our clients the progress of their guns.
Our workshops, Shooting School and Accessory Room are only 30 miles north of London and we are easy to access by road or rail. Side by side and over and under shotguns, as well as the double rifles are all still built on site in our own workshops.

Build guns to order
Re-barrelling, re-stocking and all action work in our own workshops. We are happy to show you our facilities.

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